Programme Management Office (PMO) Manager

Telecommunications, Defence, Programme and Project Management

There is new opportunity, Programme Management Office (PMO) Manager, to join a $multibillion Telecommunications Project based in Saudi Arabia.


This a highly prestigious project that is important to the overall success of the programme.


The Programme Management Office (PMO) Manager will have objective and functions to include:


· Leads the Programme Management Office (PMO).

· Develop the PMO objectives and ensure that the PMO meets the performance targets that are aligned with the organisational strategic objectives. Ensure the value creation for the PMO function.

· Develop, manage, and improve existing Project Management Governance model including project gates reviews for projects delivery.

· Manage the Strategic Planning aspects for the programme and design the visual presentation of the strategic view at different levels

· Work closely with the programme portfolio leads and ensure the availability of the joint view for the programme including the Master Schedule.

· Manage the programme level dependencies and adhere to best practices to manage the overall dependencies of the programme.

· Develop and implement the project tracking and monitoring model and set the required measurements that are aligned with the business objectives. 

· Manage all aspects of programme reporting and improve the documentation control, process control and programme resource planning.

· Manage the Programme and Strategic level internal and external Risks.

· Represent the Company at a wide range of customer and stakeholder meetings.

· Lead the Joint PMO activities with the customer

· Develop and own the project and programme management plans and manage the application of the process


The Programme Management Office (PMO) Manager duties and responsibilities will include:

· Manage the PMO team and ensure their alignment with the PMO objectives and maximize the outcomes from the team

· Review and improve the PMO operating model and ensure that PMO frameworks add value to the business

· Develop and maintain and improve the existing PMO documentation and work with the delivery team to ensure that the PMO framework is applicable.

· Develop the PMO governance model that involve frameworks for robust project management including project management methodologies, processes and procedures, and tools

· Develop the PMO awareness campaigns and provide all required seminars, coaching, and supports to the delivery team and other stakeholders.

· Define and develop the overall reporting model for the programme and ensure availability of all required information.

· Maintain and improve the existing master schedule for the programme

· Develop, maintain, or improve the programme resource management plan and conduct all needed assessments to improve the programme resourcing. 

· Develop and implement performance measurement processes for programme management activities and manage the Business Performance section by ensuring that all measurements are available and aligned with the business objectives.

· Own and manage the business strategic planning and monitor the performance of the annual targets against the actual figures for all programmes.

· Measure projects and programme performance and ensure that they delivered within scope, schedule, and agreed cost.

· Oversee the delegation of work to PMO teams and other stakeholders.

· Set annual performance targets for individuals and conduct performance semi-annual and annual reviews. 

· Provide ongoing motivation, coaching, guidance, feedback and mentoring support to the PMO and delivery team.

· Ensure that all lessons learned regarding to the projects/programmes are captured and all necessary actions are taken.

· Ensure that all projects’/programmes Risks are captured and the measure the effectiveness of the taken mitigation actions and work with other leaders to take corrective actions as necessary.

· Manage the interface between the customer and internal stakeholders to develop an agreed programme and resource plans, with consideration for the inter dependencies, delivery of capability and measurement.

· Manage the SAP-ESS Timesheet system and provide reports to Executive management

· Provide continuous improvement for all aspects of document control, incorporating the identification and implementation of best practices, archiving and document flow management.

· Lead the incorporation of best practice for the Company’s processes

· Own all programme reports and become the centre of programme information by ensuring that all needed information related to the projects and programmes are captured.

· Work directly with the Customer’s PMO to facilitate joint working and shared information where appropriate.


The Programme Management Office (PMO) Manager will have skills/experience to include:

· Strong on Strategic Planning and Management

· Track records of successful project and programme delivery

· Experience and Certified on Programme and Portfolio Management Methodologies such as PgMP, PPM, MSP, MOP, and P3O

· Experience on project budgeting and costing

· Experience on resource management and tools

· Experience on working with business leaders

· Bachelor degree and project/programme management certifications

· Minimum of 10 years of proven track record in managing Projects, Programme, Portfolio, or PMO.

· Expert on Programme Governance and methodology systems.

· Strong leadership skill and experience of managing teams and working with other leads

· Superior analytical problem solving ability and team working

· Ability to mentor, coach and effectively transfer expertise to others.

· Strong financial management skills

· Experience on working under pressure

· Effective and persuasive communicator

· Expert on Microsoft Project (MSP)

  • Effective Communication

Job Facts

per annum
  • Tax free
  • 17% bonus all expense paid exccept subsitence

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
David Charlton