Risk and Compliance Manager

Telecommunications, Defence, Operations & Production

The Risk and Compliance Manager will have objectives to include:


· Responsible for planning, designing and implementing business wide risk and compliance strategies, management processes, policies, and procedures to enable effective management decisions and reporting at all levels.

· Provides the support to the Management team on identifying and manage the business strategic risks. 

· Provide support to project teams in the identification, assessment and management of risks during the proposal and project implementation phases.

· Responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of the risks’ mitigations and actions and assist the project team to develop their contingency plans.

· Maintain the centralised risk registrar for the business.

· Fully accountable for the identification, mitigation and management of risks associated with enterprise risk, corporate governance, regulatory and operational risk, business continuity, information and security risk, technology risk and market and credit risk.

· Develops, implements, and maintain the Business Continuity Plan.

· Ensures that the company complies with all legal and contracted standards and in-house policies.

· Responsible for enforcing regulations in all aspects and levels of business as well as provide guidance on compliance matters.


The Risk and Compliance Manager will responsibilities to include:

Ø Continuous improvement for the business wide risk and opportunity management approach.

Ø Provide support, education and training relating to risk and compliance management to all staff across the business.

Ø Review corporate governance, involving external reporting to stakeholders.

Ø Audit the risk and opportunity policy and ensure compliance to appropriate standards, including liaison with internal and external auditors.

Ø Facilitate risk workshops for projects, support project teams with the establishment and management of risk registers; ensure the quality of risk data, describing and estimating the qualitative impacts.

Ø Support projects teams in estimating the quantitative impacts of risks for statistical analysis.

Ø Appropriate stakeholder reporting, ensuring the clear understanding and accountability for risks.

Ø Support the delivery of ERM reporting to stakeholder companies.

Ø Select and implement measures to control and mitigate risks including activities to avoid risks, transfer risks and finance risks.

Ø Provide the focal point and management expertise of all risks to the company’s Customer, reputation, assets and interests of stakeholders.

Ø Collaborate with corporate team and HR departments to monitor enforcement of standards and regulations.


The Risk and Compliance Manage will offer the following skills/experience

ü Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in an appropriate discipline.

ü Recognised Risk and Compliance Management qualifications (i.e. International Diploma/Certificate in Risk and Compliance Management).

ü Proven track record of formulating and implementing risk management strategies and operating practices.

ü Experience on using the Microsoft Project (MSP)

ü Minimum of 10 years’ experience of setting up and managing risk management systems and standards within a large corporate organisation.

ü Team leadership and Customer relationship management experience.

ü High standard of written, spoken and presentational communication skills in English

ü Expert knowledge of industry standard risk and compliance management and analysis software (i.e. Risk Decisions Predict!).


§ Certificate, Fellow or Member of the IRM (Institute of Risk Management) (desirable)

§ Prior working knowledge of Compliance with European Businesses           (desirable)

§ Working knowledge of Operational Risk Management                                    (desirable)

§ Business/acquisition experience in the Defence or Communication Sectors (desirable)

Job Facts

73,000 per annum
  • Standrad GPT

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
David Charlton